Bicycle Accessories

No bike is complete without its accessories. Burlington County Bikes has accessories that will provide for the safety of everyone as well as everything you may need to make your ride enjoyable. Stop in to see our selection or contact us today to hear about everything our Burlington bike shop has to offer whether it be a bicycle lock, kickstand, pump, or even a mirror, we have it all! 



Don’t skimp when it comes to protecting yourself while riding. We offer the best bike helmets for every type of rider: kids, adults, cruising, mountain, and more.

Brands - Bell Helmets, Giro

Price: $29.99 - $49.99 and up

Bell helmet


Auto Racks

Take your bikes anywhere and everywhere with you by easily putting them on the back of your car using an auto rack. The auto rack will safely secure them to your car making it easy to transport your bike from place to place.

BMX Accessories

Upgrade your bike to your desired weight, color, size, and much more. Our BMX accessories will allow you to personalize your bike to your needs so you can have the best ride possible.


Put your personal belongings and gear in our perfect sized bags that easily attach to your bike for your convenience. Choose from our wide variety of bags coming in different colors and styles to best fit your bike.



Our wide variety of bicycle baskets easily mount directly on the bicycle, usually on the handlebars, and can be used for many things such as light cargo. Our bicycle baskets are made of the best weaving materials making them very durable.


Alerting pedestrians and other cyclists is very important in order to prevent injuries and accidents from occurring, especially in highly congested cities. Our bells are mounted directly on the handlebars allowing for easy access.

Bicycle Racks

If you need an easy place to store your bike, a bike rack will be your best investment. Our bike racks allow your bike to stand up straight and also is a great place to utilize your bike lock. They come in a variety of different sizes depending on how many bikes you need to store!


Child Carriers

Take your child on all your favorite bike routes by attaching our child carriers to your bicycle. Varying in size, color, and style, your child will be safe and comfortable throughout the whole journey.


Have access to all of your rider data right at your fingertips.

We carry the following brands: Garmin, Cateye, Cygolite


Staying hydrated is very important while riding. We have a selection of bike water bottles, water bottle attachments, and bicycle hydration packs & bladders. Our hydration products attach directly to the bicycle for your convenience and easy access.



Our kickstands give you that personal assistant to hold your bike for you while you are busy doing something else. Rather than dropping the bike on the ground or having to lean it against yourself, the kickstand allows you to stop quickly and flick the kickstand down.


Attaching a light to your bicycle is very important for your safety and the safety of others. It allows motor vehicles and other individuals around you to see you. Bike lights are important during both night time and day time. We offer various different types of bike lights ranging in size, brightness, and more.


To keep you bike safe and prevent it from being stolen, you need a bike lock. When you have a bike lock, you can take your bike with you almost anywhere without having to worry about someone attempting to take it. We offer different types of bike locks to make it easy for you.



A mirror on your bicycle will give you the ability to look behind you without needing to turn your head. Our mirrors allow you to see what is coming up behind you for your safety so you can move out of the way for oncoming traffic or other cyclists.


You’ll feel like you have your very own gym when you bring your bike indoors with a trainer.

We carry the following brands: Cycle Ops, Wahoo Kicker, Kinetic